Eddie Speed’s Note School is doing a special One Day Event with Capital City Wealth Builders.



Where the GREAT Deals Have Been Hiding

  • Saturday, October 20th, 2018
  • 9:00 am – 3:30 pm.
  • DoubleTree Hotel 2001 Point West Way, Sacramento,Ca 95815

For an entertaining and educational day with Joe Varnadore. Joe is part of the Noteschool Team that Eddie Speed has put together.

You can attend this class for the low price of  $39.

  • How to create multiple streams of passive cash flow that fuel your lifestyle all through retirement (I’m not talking about being a landlord…this true ‘set it and forget it’ income).
  • Why great REO deals are getting harder and harder to find (making it tougher and tougher to find good investments in your area).
  • Why Wall Street has muscled in on your action (and how even the little guy can work with them to land incredible property deals).
  • A sneaky back-door method to buy properties in your area at just 20% – 50% of today’s fair market value (I’m not talking about blighted or deserted properties…these are good homes in good areas).
  • A simple investing twist that takes you out of the ‘tenants and toilets’ game for good (and no, I’m not talking about hiring property managers).
  • Why right now is the absolute best time to get involved with real estate-backed notes (position yourself just in front of this profit tsunami and ride this wave for years to come).
  • How to start and grow a real estate empire using just $100 out of your self-directed IRA (and grow that empire completely tax-free).
  • A completely innovative way to sell a home so that you enjoy cash flow payments for years – even though you actually got paid to buy the home (no – I’m not talking about lease-options or any other strategy you’ve likely heard of).