Family Bank Game

Our full-day, immersive event allows adults (both young and old) and kids (if you have them) to get together, have fun, actively strategize as a team or family, and put to use some very powerful financial skills.

Whether you have no debt or drowning in debt, the Family Bank Game shows you how to change your financial approach. You’ll learn how to take control of your spending and savings and pay yourself double digits returns instead of the bank.  (You will become your own bank)

What you learn at this full-day event can be implemented immediately at home!

What is a Family Bank?

The Family Bank is a 200 year old financial strategy used by the wealthiest and most powerful families.  Very few people understand the significance and power of the Family Bank. Even though it is simple to implement, it goes against everyone’s basic financial conditioning.

Family Banks have been used for centuries by the 1% like the Rothchilds, Waltons, Johnson & Johnson, Mars, etc… You can start your own Family Bank today with the right know-how and whatever you have to work with.

What is The Family Bank Game?

The Family Bank Game takes this strategy and teaches everyone how to do this in an active fun hands-on game.

Not long ago family businesses were used to teach financial skills and success habits to kids. These businesses gave kids a “leg up” on a successful life without giving a handout. Wealth was transferred through business equity, assets, and know-how.

Something broke the system, families became more mobile, career paths are more fluid, resulting in the concept of a family business “going out of business” causing a pervasive challenge: “Generational Poverty.”

Today, each generation starts from scratch, trying to reinvent the wheel. Ask yourself, what will your legacy be?

The Family Bank Game on a Mission

Institutional banking and predatory credit companies start teaching the debt lifestyle to people at a young age. PLUS there is a lack of real financial education in schools. Typically kids first real taste of banking comes through credit card vendors at the quad in college.

These financial “poverty lessons” are being passed from one generation to another.

Generational Poverty occurs in families where at least two generations have been born into poverty. It happens because the majority of the world learns about finance from their parents and extended families.

It was clear a new form of financial education was needed and our mission was born – to stop Generational Poverty! With these strategies you can see big change in one generation.

Making Learning Fun

Through a game-based, immersive learning event we teach families (or singles/couples) how to start, run and maintain their own Family Bank.

It’s easier to learn and remember what you learned when you are having fun! This game is designed so you won’t be able to forget this.

Whether it is just you, you and a sibling or spouse, or perhaps you have five kids – these strategies work for everyone.

Capital City Wealth Builders is thrilled to be chosen by George Antone to host The Family Bank Game here in Sacramento! We hope to see you and your family at the next game!

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Next Family Bank Game:

Saturday August 18, 2018

9 AM – 6:00 PM, please arrive 15-20 minutes early to sign in and grab your spot!

Venue location details given upon ticket purchase.

Questions? Call (844) 472-2229 – please leave a message if no one answers.

Make the most out of the day, be prepared – YES! you DO need to buy tickets in advance!

  • Bring the whole family! (Ages 9+ recommended);
  • Bring a sack lunch and morning/afternoon snacks (the day is packed full of fun and learning!), water will be available;
  • Bring something to write with, this is interactive and you will be taking home tools to implement the strategy in real life;
  • Wear comfortable clothing and shoes, we will be moving around and active;
  • Bring a sweater or jacket if you tend to get cold inside conference rooms (although we will keep you moving);
  • Tickets must be purchased in advance, bring your print out;
  • Have lots of fun!

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