Meetings are only $20 and are open to everyone, BUT if you want to take it to the next level while saving a bunch of cash, we’ve put together some options to save:

Congratulations on taking action to INVEST IN YOUR FUTURE!

As Tapan Trivedi has said many times at the club meetings – like many newbies, he once took courses from the Rich Dad Poor Dad Organization. After 6-8 months of harrowing webinars and about $25,000 he became “Jon Snow” and knew nothing! It wasn’t till he started faithfully attending the Capital City Wealth Builders meetings that his career really took off. He met people that were actually doing deals. Ask any of long-term members, many will same the exact same thing!

Local REIA Clubs are the best places to learn from others, network, raise money, find deals, contractors, property managers and more.

Individual Meetings Cost $20 at the door – the same price we have had for the last 12 years – yes you can pay at the door! If you become an Annual Member, you’ll save money and get other perks along the way (like borrowing books from our investment library, discounts on vetted weekend events, etc).

Good – Annual Membership is $179 for individual members

Better – Annual Membership is $249 for couples.

Best – Sponsorship is $750  – talk to us about sponsorship benefits.

Our Bay Area members LOVE to purchase the three meeting pass.

The Three Meeting Pass Costs $45 – This is available only at the door.