Past Meetings 2015

Dec. 16th, 2015

A meeting that celebrates those in the seats. We LOVE when people break out in their investing careers. We LOVE when people bring us their deals.

  • 6:30-7:30 pm: Come early for NETWORKING
  • 7:30-9:30 pm: MAIN MEETING (including market updates, live investor profiles, a one-hour speaker presentation, and much more)
  • 9:30 pm – On: Stay after for MORE NETWORKING

Nov. 21st, 2015

What is better for cashflow ?  Singlefamily or Multifamily properties? Of course its Multifamily. Grow Your Wealth With Apartment Complexes

Speaker: Anthony Char

October 21st, 2015

Topic: Holy Cra#@$%# My flip burnt down ! Now what ? A journey through the maze of myriad happenings after a fire burns down your house.

Speakers: Rolf Escobido and Tapan Trivedi

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Sept  16th, 2015

Have you wondered where the Sacramento market is headed ? What are the various segments of the market? What about the 1800 plus units they are building all around town ?

Speakers: Mike Gobbi, Ethan Livingston and Megan Krekorian

Aug 19th, 2015

You know the old saying ? No one escapes death and taxes. The fearful IRS always planning and scheming to take your hard earned money .

Speaker: Pete Fortunato

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July 15th, 2015

Rental Agreements with Teeth!

The Eviction King Speaks:

Gary Link, Attorney

In a World of Mold, Drugs, Lead, Swimming Pools, & Professional Tenants…


Someone has to take care of the Landlords!

Gary Link is an enigma. In a world full of lawyers who entice investors to act upon their emotions (give you a hint – its because its profitable to them), Gary regularly says things like ‘Make a deal’ and ‘Possession is the name of the game’.

Gary regularly teaches for the Rental Housing Association. He is a dad, a baseball enthusiast (probable fanatic but the jury is out on that) and oh yeah – the Eviction King of Sacramento. Gary has had about 42,000 eviction cases and if you have seen this guy make a deal with your deadbeat tenant on the courthouse lobby you will be nothing short of amazed. Ask me how I know.

When I was an up and coming investor I made every mistake in the book . I made the repairs myself, got the tenants without screening and even tried to evict one myself. When that failed (I had a ‘professional’ tenant and she knew how to deflect my novice moves) I contacted Gary and he took care of her for me in under 14 days . I had been trying to get her out for 2 months …….

So today I have my property manager use Gary’s, and only Gary’s, lease (which is about 32 pages) . Yes you read that right 32 pages. When you use that lease the tenant knows you mean business. His rental agreement , is often called the ‘Lamborghini of Rental Agreements’.

Besides being a lawyer Mr.Link is also quite an author. His booklet entitled ‘How to Win in Small Claims Court’ is a must read for anyone in the real estate business.He is also the co-author of Tenant-Landlord Handbook.

This will be an excellent meeting to bring ANYONE who owns any kind of rental property or intends to purchase one. Come meet Gary at the next meeting of Sacramento’s Largest Real Estate Club!

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October Meeting:

J. Massey

Active Real Estate “Investorpreneur,” Author, Speaker, Community Leader, Devoted Father and Husband.

  • Mentors real estate investors at all levels to achieve tangible results that create cash flow across housing and business sectors
  • Provides expert guidance in wealth-creation systems using retirement plans and real estate to retirees and those saving toward a comfortable retirement
  • Has successfully executed hundreds of real estate transactions across eight states in just six years
  • International investor with a growing network of other like-minded investors; involved currently in a vacation resort village project
  • Master problem-solver who works with individuals and city officials to provide clean, safe, affordable housing
  • Commercial property investor and business investor with an eye and mind to creative acquisition strategies

J. Massey’s is a true American success story. In just six years he went from the struggle many people experience as he worked hard to provide for his family in southern California to amassing an impressive portfolio that includes over 300 units of residential and commercial properties as well as private notes and mortgages.

Through a series of life-altering events, including the serious illness of his then-pregnant wife, an accident that left J. with a punctured lung that excluded him from being able to work, and even losing and squatting in their foreclosed family home, J. learned quickly that he had to change his mindset if he wanted to survive and thrive. He immediately took action, immersing himself into intensive real estate investor training. He hasn’t looked back and has built a booming investing business, using very little of his own cash or credit.

As a part of the legacy J. wants to leave his children, he began creating a training series that is now available to others so they can learn to do what he continues to do as an investor. This ultimately lead to a book project, Cash Flow Diary: 10 Steps to CREATING WEALTH in Any Economy! and a growing number of educational opportunities for those interested in all areas of real estate investing across demographics.

J. currently functions as a landlord, private lender, real estate investing consultant, investment manager, speaker, author, mentor and community advocate.

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January Goal Setting

Share your goals with the Sacramento Real Estate Club Facebook Group! Click Here to Join Us! Also we have uploaded Lisa Montanero’s handouts etc on the Meetup ( as well as  the Facebook Group site (

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Apartment Investing Bootcamp

The last time we met Anthony Chara invigorated us with how to buy apartment complexes and get massive amounts of cash flow, potentially even getting out of the rat race in a single deal . This was followed by a fantastic bootcamp where 30 investors learnt how to spot, evaluate , negotiate, finance , maintain and sell apartment complexes. The pictures for the same are on the Meetup site .

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Find Fund Fix Flip update

Mike Gobi ,Merton Eaton, Roxanne McCaslin  and did a fantastic job explaining the Find, Fix and Flip aspects of a deal. Merton and Roxanne ‘s presentations are now uploaded and available on the meetup site.

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